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Why Do We Need Renewables?

Do you know where your energy comes from? Unless you have solar panels on your roof, chances are it isn’t from renewables.  But soon it could be.


Autonomous Ocean Robots: Swimming in a Sea of Data

Ocean robots have become a veritable industry unto themselves, enabling marine data collection on a scale never before possible. Read on to learn about the long-duration ocean robots enabling this paradigm shift in marine...


Going Deeper: A New Solution for Offshore Wind

The same winds that carried famous explorers like Magellan or Dora the Explorer away from shore are enjoying a renaissance with the offshore wind energy industry today. As developers look for ways to capitalize...


Marine Energy Storage

Humans are gatherers. Our bank accounts, refrigerators, and attics reflect our desire to store things for future use. This desire holds true with energy. Unfortunately, storing energy is not as simple as putting milk in...


Who Won The Wave Energy Prize?

The Wave Energy Prize has a winner! I was lucky enough to have attended this event at the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Carderock, MD yesterday where I met with many experts across the industry.  Now...