A Liquid Grid: The Case for Marine Renewable Energy

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  1. Dominique R. says:

    Wonder why you are not considering offshore wind as a source of marine renewable energy? Especially floating offshore wind.

    • D. Hume says:

      Hi Dominique! I believe offshore wind isn’t a true marine renewable energy source; wind isn’t exactly specific to the marine environment. That’s my reason for not including it in this post at least. I agree that it is a renewable energy source operating in the marine environment and will certainly be writing about it in posts to come.

  2. Derek says:

    Great article David! I would be interested to see a chart comparing the energy conversion efficiency of various implementations of Tidal, WEC, and OTEC (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Energy_conversion_efficiency). Some certainly look more efficient than others.

    I’d also be interested to read about energy storage options for marine renewable energy technologies . For example, I would think some kind of novel flywheel storage implementation may pair well with harnessing tidal energy, due to it’s mechanical nature (http://www.activepower.com/flywheel-technology/).

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