Autonomous Ocean Robots: Swimming in a Sea of Data

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  1. Terry says:

    There is a new breed of micro AUV emerging with greater capabilities….

  2. Ernie Petzrick says:

    Good information but you failed to include the most prolific of all ocean autonomous systems, the profiling floats such as Teledyne’s APEX. I recommend you contact Pete Furze at Teledyne and learn more about them.

    • D. Hume says:

      Thanks for the info Ernie. Indeed, there are a few systems I did not include in this post, including the ARGO floats. They are certainly an unique piece of tech and I encourage other readers to look into them if they are interested.

  3. David peddie says:

    You kind of forgot to mention the Sailbuoy ( It’s been commercially available for some years.

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